Cell Therapy for Liver Regeneration

24 June 2022


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ACTRIS Cell Therapy Lecture Series: Cell Therapy for Liver Regeneration


24 June 2022




The liver is one of the few organs that has true regenerative capacity, and this serves as the basis for conducting liver transplants in live donors. However, in cases with chronic liver injury, hepatocytes may become senescent which leads to cell loss and fibrosis.

This can in turn cause liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension and oncogenesis. Much effort has gone into understanding the cellular interactions that occur during the liver injury and fibrotic process. Efforts to disrupt these processes have been pursed, such as transplanting of various progenitor cells to stop the fibrosis process, and triggering the repair and replacement of hepatocyte loss. The clinical efficacies of these therapies will be discussed at this webinar.


A/Prof Dan Yock Young

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
National University of Singapore

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