Precision Healthcare for the Population

23 September 2021


Event Name: 

Precision Healthcare for the Population


23 September 2021


4pm to 5pm


Precision medicine aims to find the best, personalised treatment for diseases. It includes health approaches that can better predict, prevent, treat, and manage the disease outside hospitals, such as disease prevention and health promotion activities.

In today’s context, big data are constantly being utilised for public health programmes. The purpose is to gather sufficient data to predict health risks and suggest personalised recommendations to prevent a disease’s onset. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, can also be managed remotely through monitoring devices to personalise treatments and interventions to the patient’s needs. Genetic data, combined with detailed lifestyle, environmental, and clinical data, can yield rich insights into factors contributing to diseases and conditions, allowing for new approaches in tackling them. 

Join us in this webinar, where we have experts from various agencies looking into developing a more robust Precision Health infrastructure on the population level. Understand the challenges within Precision Health, and take a glimpse into the future of healthcare with population health programmes. 


  • Prof John Chambers, Chief Scientific Officer, Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE)
  • Prof Ankur Teredesai, Computer Science & Systems – School of Engineering and Technology, University of Washington
  • Moderator: Dr Jasmine Qiu, Assistant Director, Health and Biomedical Sciences, SGInnovate