Progress and Challenges in Retinal Cell Therapy for Vision Regeneration

16 February 2022

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ACTRIS Cell Therapy Lecture Series: Progress and Challenges in Retinal Cell Therapy for Vision Regeneration


16 Feb 2022


12 to 1pm


The vast majority of degenerative retinal diseases that cause poor vision and blindness are currently incurable. Stem cell therapy holds promise as a potential treatment for these conditions. A substantial body of pre-clinical research has illuminated mechanisms of neural repair in the mammalian retina including synaptic reconnection and intercellular cytoplasmic materials transfer. Building on those findings, safety and potential efficacy data have emerged recently from several Phase I/II clinical trials of retinal stem cell therapy.

This talk will cover work by Dr Su’s retinal translational therapeutics lab on retinal stem cell transplants in non-human primate models. She will also discuss the development of unique stem cell resources in collaboration with industry partners, including efforts to translate retinal stem cell therapy into an effective treatment for retinal degenerative diseases.


Asst. Prof Su Xinyi
Senior Principal Investigator
Divisional Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR 

Asst. Professor
Research Director, Department of Ophthalmology, NUS

Department of Ophthalmology, NUH 

Singapore Eye Research Institute